Extra Butter x Regina’s Grocery

Extra Butter x Regina’s Grocery

Extra Butter teams up with Lower East Side neighbor and Italian sandwich connoisseurs, Regina's Grocery. Just a few blocks down Orchard from our shop, Roman Grandinetti and his mother Regina opened in 2017 but immediately held it down with the authenticity and nostalgia of a classic New York City deli.

The inspiration behind a collaborative product was easy - creating a tee with the artwork from the custom Choking Hazard poster in their establishment, featuring a creative flip using characters from the classic mob film, GoodFellas. The front collaborative crest combines key aesthetics from both Extra Butter's Official Selection laurels with Regina's High Style Italian signage. 

To celebrate the release of the tee, Roman and the Regina's Grocery team will be cohosting a movie night at Extra Butter, screening GoodFellas this Wednesday June 19th. Take a peek at EB creative director, Bernie Gross' favorite scene from the film, an ambitious 3-minute long take showing the privilege and access of Italian gangster life in the '60s. [email protected], limited engagement.

The Extra Butter x Regina's Grocery "Choking Hazard" Tee is releasing Saturday, June 22nd. Enter the draw via EB Releases.

Photography: Amy Torres

Model: Khymatic

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