Extra Butter True Romance Collection

Extra Butter True Romance Collection

Extra Butter closes out the Summer with a capsule inspired by the ‘90s cult classic film, True Romance. Paying tribute to the legendary filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino’s very first screenplay, Extra Butter embodies the modern Bonnie & Clyde tale that portrays a stylized spectrum of romance, grit, whit and violence in this assortment.

The Clarence Leisure Shirt is the statement piece, a style reminiscent of the wardrobe choice for the film’s unforgettable character, Drexl, in his gaudy button shirts. Designed with an all-over bullet pattern created from real life ammunition test shots, inspired by the film’s violent scenes culminating to the climactic shootout in the film’s ending. The garment is carefully developed with a cotton/poly blend that provides light breathable comfort and takes wears and washes better than traditional rayon fabrications.

The capsule also includes two graphic tees; the women’s Cherub Crop Tee, with a high density print of the cherub tattoos from the film’s lead characters, Alabama and Clarence, featuring the famous quote, “You’re So Cool,” as well as the Worley Tee which features the signature artwork from the film’s movie poster.

To celebrate the launch, Extra Butter will be hosting a film screening Wednesday, July 31st at 8PM at its Lower East Side location.

The Extra Butter True Romance inspired capsule is now available in-store, online and via our EB App.

Photography: Amy Torres

Model: Serafina RogersWaz Dope

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