Spotlight: Extra Butter x Hex Brand DSLR Raven Backpack

We've had a long history with photography. When we first opened out in Long Island, we felt the rest of the world needed to see us, and we made sure of that with our photography. From the start, we always placed an emphasis on storytelling with our product/blog photos, whether it was shooting shoes in their proper setting, using props, and modeled - showing what shoes looked like on foot, and even shooting full apparel look-books for collections we'd receive.

Photography will always be emphasized and synonymous with our industry's participants and the interesting lifestyles that are for display everyday. It was our pleasure too team up with HEX Brand, already having produced backpacks for the shooter; we liked the idea of producing a pristine and "pure" white for the photographers at the top of their game.

The Extra Butter x Hex Brand DSLR Backpack includes a water-resistant poly-vinyl tarpulin upper, with hidden snow camo accents inside. Your camera, lighting, and lenses are all protected with a padded interior that also features fleece and faux fur-lining, and a slot to drop in a 13" laptop for cover as well.

This is a limited edition backpack, so pick up one before it's gone, and be sure to check the video below of the Photo Walk we hosted alongside MoodyGrams and Hex Brand to celebrate the backpack's release!