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  • Light Marine/Astronomy Blue/Royal Pulse Sneakers
  • It's the low-to-the-court Zoom Strobel Air unit and our signature Formula 23 foam that help you achieve those quick cuts, speedy sprints and all-over court control
  • The embroidery in the upper is designed to help you feel extra secure while criss-crossing the court
  • Baked right into the shoe's design are shoutouts to MJ's legendary '93 season. Crosshatches, chevrons and lines of ribbing on one shoe represent his points, assists and rebounds per game
  • SKU: DZ3356-500

Get grounded, stay grounded. The AJ XXXVIII is all about groundwork—we're talking about your running, your cutting, your turn-around jumpers—with low-to-the-court cushioning and a secure upper that helps support every move. It's also designed with sustainability in mind, with at least 20% recycled content by weight. So you can hit 'em with that windshield-wiper fake and feel good about more than just sinking a bucket for your team.

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