Anta↗ Anta Mens Kai 1 Shoes


  • Purple/Pink/Grey Basketball Shoes
  • Kitted with a TPU-integrated ANTA logo that transitions seamlessly into
    the design
  • The carbon fiber midfoot plate provides substantial torsional
  • Midsole packs a lightweight punch, providing responsive cushioning
    that lets hoopers cut, sprint, and jump
  • The rubber compound on the shoe excels in providing optimal traction for effective banking and smooth transitions
  • SKU: 8124B1102S-7

Harnessing the advanced capabilities of virtual reality technology, ANTA's design team
innovatively crafted the shoe's silhouette and redefined the limits of imagination and
functionality. This state-of-the-art approach allowed for a more intuitive design process, giving life to the sneaker through a virtual, three-dimensional space, enabling the designers to explore and refine every curve and contour with unparalleled precision and creativity.

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