Boy Smells Boy Smells Kush, Ash, Cedar Stack Core Trio Set 3 Oz Candles


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  • Trio Candle Set
  • 3 oz candles 
  • Coconut and beeswax blend with braided cotton wick, in glossy black glass tumbler
  • Comes in embossed matte pink sleeve and embossed matte black tray
  • Each is roughly an 18 hour burn time
  • SKU: VKAC2

Kush- Cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip and amber

Ash- Firewood, smoke, charcoal, palo santo and hay

Cedar Stack- Cedar, labdanum, juniper berry, sawdust and white musk

 *This contains zero pot related ingredients. Any mention of pot strictly denotes an olfactive accord. Indigestible, no functionality beyond scent.