Mighty Jaxx↗ Mighty Jaxx Xxray Plus: One Piece Sanji Anime Edition


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  • Black Figure
  • 8" Tall Vinyl Art Toy
  • Blister Packed in Printed Box

Introducing the XXRAY Plus Sanji (Anime Edition)! The cook of the Straw Hat crew comes to life with this dissected art figure, complete with his powerful kick. The iconic treatment of the XXRAY dissection is captured in the kinetic Diable Jambe move, Sanji never looked so cool!

Translating the uniquely stylised art form of anime into a 3D figure, the XXRAY Plus Sanji (Anime Edition) features vibrant colours and detailed shadowing. It's possibly the coolest XXRAY figure you'll own! Join the XXRAY Plus One Piece family as the search the seas for the elusive One Piece.

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