Nike Nike x Acronym Blazer Low Shoes 'Night Maroon/Lemon Venom Black'


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  • Night Maroon / Lemon Venom Shoes
  • Drawing inspiration from military aspects, this commanding shoe has a ghillie cut-out pattern on the upper and includes a dog tag that doubles as a screwdriver.
  • Switch up your look with 2 different colored removable heel clips, as well as 2 different colored sets of laces.
  • Vulcanized construction fuses the outsole to midsole for a streamlined look that's durable and comfortable.
  • Solid rubber sole with herringbone pattern adds traction, durability and heritage styling.
  • Leather and synthetic on the upper
  • Instructions included
  • SKU: DN2067-600

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Built to look tough. Nike and Acronym unite to infuse the hoops original with military-inspired details. The pattern on the upper is made to resemble the ghillie suit. Interchangeable heel clips come in 2 separate colors.