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  • Burn Brush w/ Prizm Tungsten Sunglasses
  • SKU: OO9425-0228

32 years ago, Oakley® had a pivotal moment – On national TV, it aired a commercial called Max Fearlight. Used as a visual manifesto, it established the brand's mood and tone for years to come. Hidden in plain sight and never commercialized, a very special piece of eyewear made its way in the TV spot; one whose design morphed into what we now know as Sub Zero. From the impossible task of creating eyewear that would be weightless, came a single continuous contour lens design with an overall weight of less than 20 grams. Celebrating prized memories through ground-breaking creations, this MUZM Sub Zero celebrates yesterday’s icons with today’s technology.

Carefully curated with the rare “N” lens-cut, a unique paint treatment and revamped branding, the iconic MUZM Burn Brush comes with a rich brown crackled paint treatment on the lugs and stems with a bronze Iridium® one-piece wrap of Plutonite® lens material formed to closely cover to your face. Now delivered with the unique combo of matte and highly reflective Prizm™ Tungsten lens, the original look of “#2N” is not only preserved, but the vision has now been upgraded with enhanced colors and contrast to see more details. Made of lightweight and durable O Matter™ material, the stems feature satin gold Oakley logos, accounting also for the three-point fit system providing all-day comfort and optimal retention. As remarkable as its shape or color pallets, Sub Zero still stands next to nothing.

Delivered with a microbag and a custom Oakley Muzm™ box sleeve, this MUZM Sub Zero was carefully selected from the brand’s archive and infused with the latest innovations, elevating physics to an artform.

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